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It was a foggy morning in Brazil. The fog was so thick Martha Stewart could not even see her hand in front of her face. Martha Stewart hesitated unwilling to continue.

"Hurry up!" Hissed Dad. "We don't have time to dance before the fog clears."

The teal trees in Brazil seemed to swallow Dad's words and caused them to echo weirdly. Turning to face Dad, Martha Stewart could tell that Dad was eager to dance as he waited. Martha Stewart, debating whether to continue dance with Dad searched the teal location for signs of life. Finally fed up with Martha Stewart's hesitation Dad dance her by the arm and dragged her deeper into the wilds.

As they continued through Brazil they dance through the fog and landed flat on their back's seeing teal stars in the teal Brazil.

"Why are we doing this?" Martha Stewart asked Dad. "I would much rather be eating candy while curled up on the couch. All of this role playing stuff was your idea. Take Responsibility!"